World Forum Widens Vision To Re Imagine Education In The VI

Minister for Education, Youth Affairs and Sports Honourable Sharie B. de Castro has said that day 2 of the Education World Forum has energised her delegation, and bolstered and widened their vision to re-imagine education in the Virgin Islands.

Honourable de Castro is in the United Kingdom attending the Education World Forum 2023 in London, United Kingdom, which provides an opportunity for education ministers, pioneers, policymakers, and experts to come together and deepen international ties through their passion for education.

Honourable de Castro said day two’s sessions highlighted the importance of foundational learning and developing, and implementing policies to support it.

“Changing international trends in education by identifying what must change in order to develop stronger, bolder, and better education and learning opportunities was the focus of the session on sustainability,” the Education Minister added.

The Minister for Education said that there were sessions on how appropriate balances can be maintained between the student’s well-being and grades; between central and individual goals; between dependency for direction and distributed decision making. The sessions also touched on how there can be a balance between compliance, innovation and creativity among learners, teachers, students, faculty and leaders.

Honourable de Castro is being accompanied at the forum by Permanent Secretary Dr. Marcia Potter and Deputy Chief Education Officer Mrs. Orlendette Crabbe.

The Education World Forum 2023 is being held from May 5 to 12 under the theme: ‘Nurturing learning culture, building resilience and promoting sustainability’ for ‘stronger, bolder, better education by design’.

Meanwhile, Honourable Luce Hodge-Smith is serving and performing the functions of Minister for Education, Youth Affairs and Sports in Minister de Castro’s absence.

The appointment is in accordance with section 52 (2) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order, 2007 where the Governor in accordance with the advice of the Premier shall by instrument under Public Seal appoint Ministers from among the elected members of the House of Assembly.

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