BOTC Passport Renewals

BVIslanders/Belongers wishing to renew their British Overseas Territory Passports (BOTC) can do so if currently residing in the United Kingdom

A UK Passport application form must be used to apply for your BOTC passport. In section 8 please indicate that you are renewing an application for a British Overseas Territory Passport (BOT)for the British Virgin Islands or attaching a separate note to advise as such.

Passport applications can be collected from any Royal Mail Post Office in the UK.

You also have the option to fill out the application form online via  His Majesty’s Passport Office(HMPO). When completing the application form, in areas where UK is mentioned please substitute for BVI/BOTC

Applicants who apply for BOTC passports within the UK will be issued a non-variant book which would look identical to your UK passport on its cover. Virgin Islands will not be inscribed on the front cover of your new passport, however your identity as a British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC) will be noted under the nationality section on the biometric page.

Kindly note, variant passports for the Virgin Islands are only issued to application(s) lodged within the Territory.


UK Passport Renewals

BVIslanders/Belongers wishing to renew their UK passport must be present in the UK to lodge an application.

Applicants who will be travelling to the UK and wish to take advantage of the Online Premium or 1 Week Fast Track Service are asked to secure an appointment and pay the application fee with a credit card via His Majesty’s Passport Office(HMPO) website.

Further information on UK passports are available via His Majesty’s Passport Office(HMPO).

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