The London Office supports Virgin Islanders visiting and living in the UK, providing information, assistance, and opportunities to socialise and keep in touch with members of the BVI community.

If you would like to keep in touch please fill out our online registration form, so we can add you to our growing list of nationals residing in the UK.

Virgin Islanders who hold BOTC passports and are interested in relocating to the UK to reside long term(more than six months), are encouraged to apply for the necessary visa(s) by visiting the UK Government’s Check if you need a visa website for the requisite information, including the application processes and fees.

Please note, Virgin Island passport holders do not have the right of abode if intending on settling long term(more than 6 months) in the United Kingdom.

It is advisable that you contact the BVI Civil Registry and Passport Office to confirm your next step to British Citizenship and the processes, including wait times and fees involved.

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