Internship Experience

The London Office works with the private sector in providing short internships for BVI students in the UK. Kamika Aisha Forbes, who recently completed her LLB, describes her experience:

Sharing the company of a “Silk” (Queen’s Counsel) and one of the Top 100 Lawyers voted by The Lawyer magazine was the highlight of my week at Radcliffe Chambers. Members of Chambers graciously allowed to me shadow them through case conferences and appearances in court ranging from planning concerns and trust disputes to informal pre-court negotiations.

Opportunities to learn were always a question away, as the barristers were eager to address any queries I had. Unexpected perhaps was the volatility which the job presented; within minutes of a hearing, disputes could be resolved even before the presiding judge heard the claim. No day in court was easily predicted.

My tenure at Radcliffe Chambers continues to encourage me as an aspiring barrister. David di Mambro, a member of Chambers, aptly surmised: “Being a successful advocate is not just about sounding good in court –it is more about preparation and the elimination of risk.”

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