Premier Wheatley Assigns Ministerial Portfolios

Premier and Minister of Finance Dr. the Honourable Natalio D. Wheatley has assigned ministerial responsibilities to Ministers to constitute the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands.

Following the swearing in ceremony of the Premier and Ministers of Government that took place on Tuesday, April 25, Ministries have been assigned by Governor John Rankin CMG.

The assignments are as follows:

  • Premier Dr. the Honourable Natalio Wheatley has retained the Ministry of Finance.
  • Deputy Premier Honourable Lorna Smith is the Minister for Financial Services, Labour and Trade, which is a newly formed portfolio.
  • Honourable Kye Rymer is assigned to the Ministry of Communications and Works.
  • Honourable Sharie de Castro is the Minister for Education, Youth Affairs and Sports.
  • Honourable Vincent Wheatley is the Minister for Health and Social Development.
  • Honourable Luce Hodge Smith is the Junior Minister in the area of Culture and Tourism.
  • Honourable Karl Dawson is the Junior Minister in the area of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The newly appointed Minsters are also responsible for the administration of the departments within their respective Ministries.      

Premier Wheatley indicated that the development of the Financial Services, Labour and Trade Ministry is in alignment with the strategic position that the Government of the Virgin Islands has taken to fully harness the economic potential of the Virgin Islands.                                                   

Premier Wheatley said, “As a Territory, we have engaged in a series of serious discussions about creating a new Ministry that focuses more keenly on one of the two main pillars of our economy. Since Honourable Lorna Smith has such a wealth of experience and is going to bring to bear her expertise in this area in a more direct way, we as a Government have determined that now is the opportune time to take this important step in the formation of this new Ministry.”

According to Section 56 of the Virgin Islands Constitution, “the Governor shall, acting in accordance with the advice of the Premier, by directions in writing, assign to any Minister responsibility for the conduct (subject to this Constitution and any other law) of any business of the Government of the Virgin Islands, including responsibility for the administration of any department of government.”

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