Premier Fahie Hails UK and Overseas Territories Response to Ukraine Crisis At Local Talks With UK Minister

“The United Kingdom and Overseas Territories have applied unprecedented sanctions in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which we hope will help bring an end to the crisis. War is not the answer. The people of Ukraine deserve to live in peace within their own internationally recognised borders, as called for by the UN General Assembly. Our regulatory agencies will continue to do their part,” Premier Fahie said.

The Minister of Finance also discussed with Rt. Hon. Milling the economic impact of the Ukraine crisis on the British Virgin Islands and his Administration’s potential fiscal and other policy options to respond to rapidly rising inflation and the sharp spike in energy and fuel prices.

According to the Premier, “I appreciated the interest by Minister Milling in the economic ripple effects of the Ukraine crisis on the British Virgin Islands and shared with her the various fiscal and other policy options currently being considered to respond to higher prices at the pump and higher electricity bills. She understands the global economic impact the Ukraine crisis is having on economies around the world and the need by Governments, including my Administration, to respond accordingly.”

At the bilateral talks Minister of Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone also updated Minister Milling on the impact of COVID-19 in the Territory and thanked the United Kingdom for the provision of vaccines and other assistance. Minister Milling confirmed that the UK will continue to support the BVI’s COVID response.

On the issue of economic diversification, Premier Fahie expressed his satisfaction that good progress is being made by the BVI and UK in advancing medicinal cannabis in the British Virgin Islands and thanked Minister Milling and her team for helping to move the process forward.

To round off UK-BVI bilateral talks, Premier Fahie and his Ministers hosted a ministerial dinner in which he thanked Minister Milling for traveling to the British Virgin Islands on his invitation, which he hoped had given her greater familiarity with the people and culture of the islands and a better sense of the Territory’s remaining hurricane recovery needs, potential for sustainable development and modest recovery of tourism from the pandemic.

Premier Fahie was accompanied at the UK-BVI bilateral meeting by Minister of Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone, Permanent Secretary Dr. Carolyn O’Neal-Morton and Special Envoy of the Premier Mr. Benito Wheatley.

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