National Sustainable Development Plan For Public Consultation

The Government of the Virgin Islands is preparing to implement its proposed National Sustainable Plan and is seeking the public’s input through a series of public consultations.

The National Sustainable Development Plan was created with the goal to strengthened the resilience of the society to withstand future hurricanes, pandemics, and any other crisis that may come; and to secure the future prosperity of the Virgin Islands through sustainability.

Public consultations will be held for one month and will allow residents the final opportunity to make comments, recommendations and submissions. The public is also urged to send their submissions to 

Premier and Minister of Finance Honourable Andrew A. Fahie said the National Sustainable Development Plan that is expected to guide the sustainable development of the Virgin Islands for the next 15 years, was built on inclusivity with recommendation from public and industry stakeholders from the onset.   

Premier Fahie said,” Consultation is ongoing and UN ECLAC Lead Consultant Dr. June Soomer and her team will meet this month with special groups such as farmers, fisherfolk, financial services, teams from ministries, tourism stakeholders, private sector officials, sports personnel and Civil Society Organisations to ensure that they are well represented within the plan”.

The proposed National Sustainable Development Plan was developed with technical support from the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN ECLAC). 

The plan is aligned with the national development priorities with the Sustainable Development Goals, which is an indication of national ownership of the global agenda and will help to meet international monitoring and evaluation standards, as well as allow Government to be accountable to the people of the Virgin Islands. 


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