Final Day Of UN Ocean Conference In Lisbon Portugal

Today was the final day of the UN Ocean Conference and it presented the opportunity for the Virgin Islands to join the discussion at the Global Island Partnership (GILSPA) Presentation. The event was titled: “Weathering Governance Uncertainty of Large-Scale Conservation Projects – A Leader Perspective to the Dialogue”.

This high-level dialogue convened present and former leaders and ministers as well as others with insight to discuss the stakes at carrying on large-scale conservation projects from one government to another. The event will allow a dialogue around the Governance and transitions of Large-Scale Conservation Projects and will highlight achievements, challenges, and opportunities. Photo Credits: (Provided)

Panel Picture L – R

Karen McDonald Gayle, Caribbean Biodiversity Fund

Amb. Amatlain Elizabeth Kabua, Permanent Representative RMI to United Nations

Hon. Melvin M. Turnbull, Minister for Natural Resources and Labour, Virgin Islands

Hon. Vaughn Miller, Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources, Bahamas

Hon. Heremoana Maamaatuiahutapu, Minister of Environment, French Polynesia

Moderator: Aulani Wilhelm, White House Assistant Director for Ocean Conservation, Climate and Equity


Paul Bridgewater

Information Officer I (Ag.)
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