Condolences on the Passing of Carvin Malone – Statement by Premier Wheatley

On behalf of the Government and people of the Virgin Islands, myself and family, I express my profound sadness on the passing of our dear and beloved brother, Carvin Malone, who passed on Sunday morning, 14 January, 2024, and I extend condolences to his wife Pernis; his siblings, Jane, Meade, Guy, and Keith; his daughter, Kirsten, and his extended family.

Carvin Malone was a champion for the Virgin Islands, and his sudden passing was shocking and heart wrenching.  While we mourn his loss, we remember him for the sterling traits he possessed.  Carvin Malone lived a life of dedicated service to his community.  He was a proud and dedicated member of the Lion’s Club of Tortola, having served as its President on a number of occasions.  He was also a former president of the BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotels Association.  He also served as Vice President of the BVI Amateur Basketball Association.  Wherever he had the opportunity to serve, he took it.

Hon Malone was also a political stalwart, serving as the President of the Virgin Islands Party for 17 years. He was elected and appointed as the Minister of Health and Social Development in 2019, leading the BVI through the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.  Even after his time in elected office, he continued his political activity through his One Virgin Islands Agenda, a forum for public education and discussion on how the Territory could advance our development goals, including a strong focus on self-determination.

Carvin Malone was a family man, a successful businessman, and a good friend.  Carvin and his wife and daughter had a very close bond with his siblings, their spouses, and their children.  Carvin also had a very strong relationship with his extended family.  I know of his relationship with the Malone clan, which was as close as anyone could be with their family.  He owned and managed many successful businesses on behalf of himself and his family, including Island Block Corporation, Progressive Management, Admiralty Estate, R and R Malone Complex, and Caribbean Basin Enterprises, He was a trusted, loyal, and reliable friend, and he often could be found by “Toddy,” by “Moose,” and by “Cornel” bar among other places engaging in political dialogue or socializing.

Above all else, Carvin was a patriot with a big heart.  He loved these Virgin Islands, and he loved Virgin Islands people, and he tried his best to brighten his corner, and to bloom where he was planted.

To our Dear Brother Carvin, we will never forget you. Thank you for your service and Rest in Eternal Peace.

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