BVI Seaports Receiving Fully Vaccinated International Travellers

Fully vaccinated travellers entering the British Virgin Islands via sea now have the option to enter through four of the Territory’s main seaports of entry.

Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie in an address titled, “BVI Tourism Gets a Further Boost” on June 15 said Cabinet approved the reopening of the three ports of entry on June 9 to receive fully vaccinated international travellers and crew members from June 17.

The Premier further stated that in addition to the Road Town Jetty, fully vaccinated passengers can enter through any of the three additional ‘fully vaccinated ports of entry’, being Soper’s Hole Dock, West End; Dog Hole Dock, Jost Van Dyke; and St Thomas Bay Dock, Virgin Gorda.

Premier Fahie said that all requisite Government and Statutory Bodies will work together to establish the Anegada Seaport as an official Port of Entry to receive fully vaccinated travellers and crew members only for this initiative.

The Road Town seaport and the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport are the only ports where vaccinated and non-vaccinated travellers will be allowed to enter the British Virgin Islands.

Domestic travellers can use all ports of entry during this period.

Meanwhile, the entry requirements for fully vaccinated passengers have changed. Premier Fahie said that effective June 15, fully vaccinated persons travelling from overseas would require a RT_PCR test or approved rapid antigen test within five days of arrival and provide satisfactory evidence of being fully vaccinated.

 Additionally, partially vaccinated international travellers would require a PCR Test within five days of travel and provide satisfactory evidence of being partially vaccinated. Travellers will be subject to a RT-PCR test or rapid antigen test upon arrival and quarantine for a period of four days and the Gateway Portal fee will be reduced to thirty-five dollars ($35) for fully vaccinated travellers.

Premier Fahie said, “The reduced testing and lower BVI Gateway Portal fee will make it more affordable and less of a hassle for fully vaccinated travellers.”

 Flight and vessel crews who are fully vaccinated would no longer require bi-weekly screening testing, but should self-monitor and report any symptoms or recent exposure.

The Government of the Virgin Islands remains committed to safety welcoming international travellers to the British Virgin Islands.

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