BVI An Attractive Destination On The Green List For Travel

The Government of the Virgin Islands welcomes the good news that the United Kingdom (UK) has today updated its categorisation of the Virgin Islands by including it on the green list for travel.   

The UK uses a traffic light system, with countries on the green list considered as safe to travel to and having the lowest restrictions for return.     

This means that anyone travelling from the UK to the Virgin Islands from 30th June 2021 will only require a PCR test on or before the second day after returning to the UK and will not need to quarantine.     

Commenting on the announcement, Premier and Minister of Finance, who is also the Minister responsible for Tourism, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie said, “The Government of the Virgin Islands was quick to shut its borders last year to protect its people. Thanks to everyone’s commitment to the COVID-19 health and safety protocols, a very robust and strict local testing regime, and ongoing vaccination programme, we’ve been able to successfully reopen our borders to welcome international guests. We welcome all visitors from the UK and the rest of the world to our beautiful Islands to feel the BVILOVE hospitality, whilst knowing their safety is paramount.”     

“With our borders opened at this time the risk remains a cause for concern, but there are opportunities to safeguard everyone with vaccination,” the Minister for Tourism stated.    

He added, “As we continue to move forward in The New Regular, living and working with COVID-19, we thank all the people of the Virgin Islands for doing your part to keep us all safe.  Indeed, our blessings in managing this pandemic have been due to compassion and protection from God. While our handling of the pandemic has received international recognition from the United Nations Development Programme, we will not be complacent; we will remain vigilant.”     

Persons are reminded to remain assiduous by practicing the safety protocols instituted for everyone’s protection (mask wearing, keep the physical distance and washing your hands); while also taking the opportunity to get vaccinated in light of the new variants developing around the world.      

The Government of the Virgin Islands thanks all members of the public and private sectors for working together to ensure success and remains committed to the health and safety of the people of the Virgin Islands and the  economy.

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