Please note it is illegal to travel abroad during stay in UK restrictions.

Please see Rules and Exemptions







The online BVI Gateway Portal that facilitates the registration of all travellers for authorisation to travel into the Territory from December 1 is now live and is accepting applications.


The portal is located at and can also be accessed via, bvitourism/ and for travellers who are applying to visit the Territory. Once their application is approved, they will be issued a Travel Authorisation Certificate.


Each traveller, including each child, must have completed an application to obtain a travel certificate for presentation to the airline authorities. All travellers can upload their necessary documents through the gateway portal, as well as pay the total fee of $175, which covers all airport and seaport administration fees, the arrival testing as well as the Day 4 PCR tests, the tracking App, and any monitoring devices or bracelets.


Applications must be completed 48 hours prior to travelling and persons who are requesting home/private property quarantine must submit the request seven days prior to arrange inspection of the property by Environmental Health officers.


The travel authorisation certificate streamlines the process at the airport and seaport and removes the need to fill out paper forms.


Persons can reach the Reopening Steering Committee via WhatsApp at +1284-496-6129 or via email at for more information.




Travellers must BEGIN their application no later than 48 hours before travel

Applications on the BVI Gateway portal BVIGATEWAY.BVIAA.COM must be COMPLETED at least 24 hours before travel date and time

All applicants in PENDING status, who have not completed their necessary requirements 24 hours prior to travelling, will be DENIED


Last updated – May, 8 2021 at 9:41am

Entry Protocols – May 7th, 2021 <–click here

Dear Traveller,

The Government of the Virgin Islands has officially reopened its borders to residents and visitors on December 1st, 2020.

All travellers desirous of entry into the British Virgin Islands are now required to register using the new online portal

Please click the link and follow the steps as directed. Persons who began the process of re-entry on this website will be required to re-register on the new gateway portal.

Travellers are to begin the process of registration within 7 days of their planned travel date to comply with all requirements and procedures.

Any further questions can be emailed to

Any inconvenience caused is regretted.


BVILOVE awaits you!







How to Get Here (entry protocols)

BVI Gateway (all travellers entering the Territory need to complete)

Covid-19 Travel Insurance Options

Travel into the BVI for Vaccinated Persons – (Updated – April, 23 2021 at 2:55pm CLICK HERE

Approved Gold Sealed Accommodations – (PDF) Updated March 30, 2021 @ 10:08am

International Ferry Schedule – (PDF) Updated April 1, 2021 @ 10:01am

Ferry Arrival Guide  (PDF) Updated April 8, 2021 @ 3:33pm

Ferry Departure Guide  (PDF) Updated April 8, 2021 @ 3:33pm




 Latest Brief from the BVI Reopening Committee | 1 December, 2020 – BVILOVE Safety Measures



BVI Travel Updates


BVI Reopening Steering Committee Updates


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Government Announcements


Statement by Premier and Minister of Finance on Reopening (10 November)


Minister of Health and Social Development on Reopening


Minister of Health and Social Development – Re-Entry Protocols


BVI Tourism Industry Reopening Guide


Contact Information


telephone: 1-284-496-6129 (WhatsApp messages only)


Marine Information (Seaports open 15 April, 2021)

Exclusion Zone Information  March 29, 2010

Gold Sealed Approved Marine industry Businesses (PDF) updated Feb., 17 2021 @ 11:58pm

Vessel Guests – (Visitors on Vessels PDF) updated Dec. 23, 2020

All travellers to the Territory must enter a quarantine period of four (4) complete days. Remember your Day 1 starts the following day after your Arrival Day/Day 0.
Once the Arrival Day/Day 0 test has been conducted, guests may proceed to any of the approved mooring sites for the mandatory four (4) day quarantine.

Vessel Restrictions

Vessels are allowed restricted movement in the Territorial waters amongst the areas approvewd for quarantine mooring sites.
The vessel, guests, the entire party and the 30 foot radius around the vessel is your “mobile bubble”. Guests may swim and enjoy our Territory within that specified 30 foot radius.
Guests are restricted from landing on any site until guests receive an Arrival Day/Day 0 negative Test result.

Vessel Allowances

Vessels must be provisioned before guests arrive and board.
Vessels can also visit the list of marine approved sites in the Territory.
All vessels must be anchored or docked by 6:00pm daily at an approved mooring site until 5:00am the next day.

1 December | Official Approved Mooring Sites (image)