Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is a multimedia library facility designed to meet the research needs of students, researchers and professionals. The facility boasts a variety of audio, video, print and electronic resources that cater to both British Virgin Islands (BVI) interests and international interests.

The print library includes 186 publications, among which is a section dedicated exclusively to the BVI as a subject matter. In addition to its book holdings, the Resource Centre maintains subscriptions to a number of local and international periodicals. Among them are BVI newspapers that include the BVI Beacon, Virgin Islands Stand Point and Island Sun; and internationally recognized newspapers, magazines and journals that include the Economist Magazine and the Financial Times, to name a few.

The library’s many other print and electronic publications and reports are directly related to subjects such as law, politics, business, finance, accounting, tourism, and the environment. A complete list of the Resource Centre’s library holdings and other publications can be found in the pdf file below.

The Resource Centre also supports visitors with a variety of office equipment and multimedia resources. These include a flat screen television with access to a cable network and a DVD player; a work station that includes a desk and computer loaded with standard software programs and internet access; and a study area that includes a roundtable that seats four.

The BVI London Office encourages interested individuals to utilise the facility in conducting research or for other activities and interests. For more information, please contact Benito Wheatley, Political/Public Affairs Officer at +44 (0)20 7355 9570 extension 215.