© Carol A. Vanterpool

The islands’ rich natural and cultural heritage is preserved in our many museums, which offer a wide variety of interesting opportunities and experiences:

Virgin Islands Folk Museum – Road Town, Tortola
Housed in an early 20th century shipwright’s home, this museum tells the story of the Virgin Islands from prehistoric times to the 20th century.

Old Government House Museum – Road Town, Tortola
Built in 1926, this was the official residence of the British government administrator until 1996. The museum houses related artefacts as well as a complete collection of VI stamps.

Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum – Road Town, Tortola
Originally a sugar factory, the museum buildings have gone through several changes of use. They now house displays about nature, culture, and history. The Cosmopolitan Hall features changing exhibits, including works by talented island artists.

Virgin Islands Maritime Museum – Paraquita Bay, Tortola
Dedicated to preserving the maritime heritage of the BVI, the museum provides outreach programmes as well as exhibits about traditional boat building and artefacts from the Wreck of the RMS Rhone, a popular diving site.

North Shore Shell Museum – Carrot Bay, Tortola
In the colourful seaside village of Carrot Bay, this museum offers a mixture of local culture, traditional wooden boats, and shells.

Anegada Museum – Pomato Point, Anegada
This private museum displays an interesting collection of artefacts from Anegada, including Amerindian tools as well as items from the shipwrecks on Horseshoe Reef.