Doing Business and Working in the BVI


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Government encourages local, foreign and joint business ventures in the Territory. To operate a business in the Virgin Islands, a trade license is required.

For further information and application forms, contact:
Karia Christopher, Director
Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs
Tel: 284 494-3701, ext.2008/9
Fax: 284 468-2918.

To work in the BVI, individuals from outside of the Territory including UK citizens are required to apply for a work permit from the Department of Labour. Work permits are issued only when there are no qualified Belongers to perform the job in question. There are different requirements for temporary, self-employed, renewal, and standard work permits.

For more information, contact:
Mrs. Janice Rymer, Acting Labour Commissioner
Department of Labour
Tel: 284 468-3701, ext. 4708-4713.