On The Way To A Stronger, More Effective Public Service

20 March, 2018

It is going to be an atmosphere with a relaxed setting, filled with energy, enthusiasm and a renewed sense of direction for the Public Service.

On Monday, March 26 at 9:00 a.m., public officers will collectively come together at the Tortola Pier Park, at a special event to celebrate their success for the work done post hurricanes Irma and Maria and officially launch of the Public Service Transformation Initiative.

Deputy Governor Mr. David Archer, Jr. said he wants to see the Public Service Week teams come out in full force as he is looking forward to seeing an array of green, red, gold and blue representing Eagles, Warriors, Panthers and Supersonics.

In an invitation to Public Officers, Mr. Archer, Jr. said, “While you are aware that we are transforming the Public Service, to ensure you are fully prepared to play your part and that you understand what is required of you, a ceremony is being planned to officially launch the initiative.”

The event, which is mandatory for public officers, except for essential services and teachers, is also designed to bring all public officers together to say ‘Thank You’ for the work they do, especially after the recent hurricanes.

He said, “It is important that this is done so that you understand we care. Collectively, we will transform the Public Service one day at a time and one change at a time. I am excited to be your partner in this process and look forward to seeing you at the event.”

The Deputy Governor reminded Public Officers that they are the backbone and the key ingredient to a successful Transformation of the Public Service. Once implemented, the initiative it is expected to help shape “A stronger, more resilient and more effective Public Service”.

The public is advised that each office will maintain front level staff to provide answers to clients who may come to the office during the time of the event as there may be a slight disruption in service during this period.